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When applying for membership you have the option of upgrading your softcover Daguerreian Annual to a hardcover edition for an additional $30 (one upgrade per membership, please):

Can I Join Late in the Year? Memberships currently run on a calendar year, which will change in 2016. If you join late this year, you'll receive the Quarterlies already published up to that time, as well as any remaining ones, but, what's most important, you'll also receive this year's Annual and we pay the shipping.

So, for little more than the cost of the Annual alone, you get all of the Quarterlies. Be forewarned that, if you join as we suggest, you will get a bill in December for the next year's dues. The way we look at it, the 250-page+ Annuals are worth the cost of dues by themselves and the Quarterlies are nice "extras". You will also get member discounts for all events and programs, including the Fall Symposium and 19th-century Photography Fair.

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